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Residenza Teatrale Castello di Petroro

European Union Youth Company

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19- 25 february 2018

Zio Vanja by Anton Čechov 



Intensive Drama Study and Improvement Weekends 
Per-Corsi Creativi

dal 19 gennaio al 27

19 January - 27 May 2018


Courses and  Workshop 2018

to be announced

Immaginaria - Intensive preparation workshop for the production of Odysseia


In addition to the Projects in Residence. the National Academy of Arts organize a number of specialization courses and workshops aimed at improve the awareness and technical skills of the actor in order to realize on the scene the concrete object of the actor's art: the action .

In particular, the work focus on the delicate transition from improvisation to fixed text. In our age the word has lost its centrality in the theater but the word itself in the theater can be action and, in theatrical art, today, this is its most compelling challenge .


Here is the list of courses and workshops scheduled in 2018:

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