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Residenza Teatrale Castello di Petroro

European Union Youth Company

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The National Academy of Arts is working on pedagogy, research and production of shows.


It proposes in the Petroro Residence appointments dedicated to the theater, projects of research laboratories, shows, events, meetings and training with the masters of the international scene and advanced theatrical training courses often with entirely financed projects.

The main objective is to offer theater artists the opportunity to have study sessions dedicated to theatrical research with the following objectives:


Approaching theatrical education as something alive, that is, as a research practice that comes from the creative force of a collective human group.


Using theater as a means of knowledge.


Creating an intercultural contact that emerges from the joint work of pedagogues and artists, their methods and their respective theatrical cultures


Doing innovative projects and theater productions for an international audience for the expansion and deepening of the dissemination of theatrical culture.


The projects in the Residenza promote the improving of the skills and techniques of theater artists from around the world and the sharing, under the direction of a pedagogue master and for all the duration of each individual study session, a "language" and a theater project. Each session will culminate in one or more professional projects and will give life to other projects  to reach the public at large through international tours.

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