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Residenza Teatrale Castello di Petroro

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Intensive Drama Study and Improvement Weekends


The drama weekends at the Castello di Petroro are an opportunity for actors to study, meet and exchange ideas and tips to keep up technique, make new experiences and generally further artistic research.

Beginning in January 2018, the Castello di Petroro Drama Residence will be hosting a series of five drama study and improvement weekends open to those interested in developing their acting technique and practice.

Per-Corsi Creativi  extends over five weekends running every month from January to May 2018. Each weekend can be experienced as part of the cycle of five workshops or independently on its own. Each workshop will focus on a particular aspect of basic acting technique combined with training on basic drama techniques. There will be a practical application to the skills learned with performances of excerpts taken from selected texts.

Director and drama pedagogue Federica Tatulli will be conducting the Per-corsi intensive drama study and improvement weekends. 



All the study weekends will be held at the Castello di Petroro drama residence. Lodgings at the castle are available for participants.


Intensive Drama Study and Improvement Weekends
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