Federica Tatulli, Artistic Director



Federica Tatulli graduated in acting in 1982 at the Accademia Nazionale D'Arte Drammatica "Silvio D'Amico", under Anna Miserocchi, Piero Sammataro, Aldo Trionfo, Lorenzo Salveti, Mario Ferrero and Andrea Camilleri. She attained a degree in literature and philosophy with honours, having discussed a thesis on the history of theatre. Tatulli subsequently perfected her studies with Anatoly Vasiliev and Jury Alschitz, Gabriella Bartolomei (voice), Antonio Fava (Commedia dell’Arte), Franco di Francescantonio (dance theatre). 



From 1982 to 1986 Federica Tatulli worked on a permanent basis with the Compagnia Teatro Mobile di Giulio Bosetti, where she had her debut in the lead role of TUTTO PER BENE by Luigi Pirandello. She worked under director Giuseppe Patroni Griffi in SEI PERSONAGGI IN CERCA D'AUTORE by Luigi Pirandello and in ASSASSINIO NELLA CATTEDRALE by Thomas S. Eliot.

From 1986 to 1988 Tatulli worked in Trieste with the La Contrada company directed by Francesco Macedonio in UN' ORA D'AMORE by Josef Topol and BUON NATALE AMICI MIEI by Alan Ayckbourn.

From 1987 to 1989 she worked under the direction of Lorenzo Salveti in LA FIGLIA DI IORIO by Gabriele D'Annunzio and ELENA by Euripides, then in the Sergio Fantoni’s La Contemporanea company in their production of AMORI DIFFICILI by Giacomo Piperno, under the direction of Salveti himself.

From 2001 she has played the female lead in MOLTO RUMORE PER NULLA by William Shakespeare, directed by Salvatore Cardone (2001); GIORNI FELICI by Samuel Beckett, directed by Claudio Borgoni; COSI' E' SE VI PARE by Luigi Pirandello, directed by Carlo Fineschi (2003); HILDA by Marie Ndiaye, directed by Carlo Fineschi (2003); IL GIARDINO DEI CILIEGI by Anton Chekhov, directed by Salvatore Cardone (2004); IL MERCANTE DI VENEZIA by William Shakespeare (2007), directed by Federica Tatulli; LA SOGLIA PROIBITA, texts by Eva Franchi, Luciana Luppi, Paola Moretti, Maria Sandias, directed by Carlo Fineschi (2007); LA BISBETICA DOMATA by William Shakespeare, directed by Salvatore Cardone (2009); MADAME BOVARY C’EST MOI after Gustave Flaubert, text by Mario Migliucci, directed by Giancarlo Fares (2009); HAMLET (2010) and ENRICO VIII by William Shakespeare, directed by Federica Tatulli (2011); COSI’ E’ MA NON PARE after Luigi Pirandello, directed by Giancarlo Fares (2012); MEDEA by Euripides, directed by Carlo Fineschi (2013); LA DONNA DEL MARE by Henrik Ibsen, directed by Carlo Fineschi (2013).

Tatulli has also worked in ORESTEA by Aeschylus, directed by Salvatore Cardone, L'ISOLA DEGLI SCHIAVI by P.C. de Marivaux (2002-2006-2013), PINOCCHIO EPISCOPICO by Claudio Borgoni, directed by Claudio Borgoni (2002), 33 SVENIMENTI by Anton Chekhov, directed by Marco Belocchi (2003), RE RICCARDO by William Shakespeare, directed by Romano Talevi (2005).

For the screen, Tatulli has played the lead female role in SÌ, MA VOGLIAMO UN MASCHIO (1993) by Giuliano Biagetti, produced by Giovanna Romagnoli and Riccardo Biagetti for Titanus; and was among the cast of the international production MAN ON FIRE directed by E. Chouraki. In 2015 her show PENE D’AMOR PERDUTE by William Shakespeare was adapted for television under the direction of Dimitri Sassone and aired in the United States by PBS Public Broadcasting.

Tatulli has also acted in a number of Rai television productions, including PRIMO CITTADINO by Gianfranco Albano, 1997. 

Since 2001 Tatulli has directed a number of theatre productions, including L'ISOLA DEGLI SCHIAVI by P.C. de Marivaux (2002-2006-2013), VITA DI GALILEO by Bertolt Brecht, LA LOCANDIERA by Carlo Goldoni, SOGNO DI UNA NOTTE DI MEZZA ESTATE by W. Shakespeare (2003), GL'INNAMORATI by Carlo Goldoni (2004), CIRANO DI BERGERAC by Edmond Rostand (2005), IL DIARIO DI ANNA FRANK by Frances Goodrich and Albert Hackett, LA DODICESIMA NOTTE by William Shakespeare (2006), SANTA GIOVANNA by George Bernard Shaw (2007), IL MERCANTE DI VENEZIA by William Shakespeare (2007), ANATOL by Arthur Schnitzler (2008), HAMLET by William Shakespeare (2010), IL RACCONTO D’INVERNO by William Shakespeare (2011), ENRICO VIII by William Shakespeare (2011), PENE D’AMOR PERDUTE by William Shakespeare (2015).


Since 2001 Tatulli has been teaching training and acting in various academies:

- Link Academy (department of the performing arts of Link Campus University of Malta), of which she was programme director from 2005 to 2009.  

- EUTHECA - European Union Academy of Theatre and Cinema, where she also worked as programme director from 2010 to 2016. 

From 2005 to 2009 Tatulli worked as ARTISTIC DIRECTOR  at the Teatro Orangerie, occupying the same position from 2010 to 2016 at Rome’s Teatro Eutheca.