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from Dostoevskij 

Adapted by Dragan Vasic

Directed by Carlo Fineschi

Produced by AltQvm

With Federica Tatulli, Sara Allegrucci, Maurizio Lucà, Michele Trombettoni



Can Mankind afford freedom of spirit? Almost all of us would automatically answer affirmatively to this question, and consider ourselves unswervingly on the side of good. And what if during an evening with friends, as we eat and drink merrily, in a moment of utter conviviality in an evening like so many others, we light-heartedly begin a discussion of theological matters and something goes terribly wrong and we suddenly begin to understand that after all we really can’t afford true freedom of spirit?

But happiness yes, we have that within our reach… what happiness? The kind that we reach by satisfying our most basic needs? The kind that takes mankind for what it is and not for what it should be? The kind that blocks out the freedom of spirit offered by a mysterious figure, a Christ suddenly descended once again on Earth, among us, that very evening, ultimately causing us just anguish?

This text explores the most relevant issues present in the work of Dostoyevsky by adapting the well-known Grand Inquisitor episode from The Brothers Karamazov.

An intense discussion at table among the guests of a monastery, to which the public will be encouraged to take part.

God and Satan contend the heart of man, not just in words – this is about us, about the Heaven and Hell that are within the heart of mankind.

The dinner, which will be prepared specially for the audience by the vegetarian chef of the Castello di Petroro, will function as the backdrop for this performance.

The performance (with dinner) has a limited number of participants. Please book your place by calling 075 8947353.


La leggenda del Grande Inquisitore

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