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Federica Tatulli



Directed by Carlo Fineschi




A journey, a goal, a broken dream that turns into a nightmare, a dead end… this work explores the clash between that which we desire on a rational plane and our suppressed instincts, a clash that will bring about only death, without either winners or losers.

In this production Federica Tatulli will be playing Medea, a complex woman of many layers, instinctive and restless, forever in movement and with the ability to rise from the ashes of her pain. She will invite the spectator to share this pain by following her in her passions and personal tragedy. Intensely human, Medea is a concretely contemporary character that breaks down the barrier between stage and audience.

Directed by Carlo Fineschi, this production of Medea is a journey that becomes action. The plot begins and ends at sea, the archetypal element of contradiction and reckoning, a place where identities are broken and forged, a metaphor for mankind and the world where accepted laws are overturned and things held sacred trodden underfoot – a place where necessity is the only tender. Once the plot moves away from the sea and onto land, we enter what Carlo Finechi terms “the tiger’s cage” where the conflict between Medea and Jason plays out. Opposite Medea, Jason comes across as static, a man incapable of ignoring the seduction of earthly power: you have gained more than you have given: you inhabit the Greek land, you know the laws and justice… I desired to raise my children in a manner worthy of my rank.


The large and prestigious cast of actors involved in this production creates a backdrop for the protagonist, a woman who is both predator and prey of circumstance and herself. They place her pain at the fulcrum of the action on stage, in this startlingly contemporary story.


Carlo Fineschi’s direction aims to create a realistic experience for the audience, both on a physical and intellectual plane. The spectators will penetrate into a new world, a hallucination that suddenly becomes real, with the aim of drawing in particularly the younger generations to appreciate Ancient Greek drama and one of the greatest playwrights of all time. 

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